Landrum Chemical Industries specializes in blending bulk cleaning chemicals for industrial, printing, and many other applications for all your cleaning chemical needs.

  • Industrial Cleaning ChemicalsIndustrial Cleaning Chemicals

    We blend water based, industrial cleaning chemicals including degreasers, soaps, floor cleaners, all purpose cleaners, and many more. Bulk packaging and custom blending with quick turnaround times. Private labeling available.

  • Print Industry Cleaning ChemicalsPrint Industry Cleaning Chemicals

    We have a long history of serving the print industry with both water based and solvent based clean up chemicals. We can help your print facility move away from costly and harsh solvent chemicals to less expensive and environmentally friendly water based chemicals.

  • Custom Blended Cleaning ChemicalsCustom Blended Cleaning Chemicals

    We specialize in custom water based cleaning chemical blending including private labeling. 275/55/15/5 gallon containers available. Custom colors, scents, and strengths to cover any possible customer need.


  • Federal Government Product Fulfillment ServicesGovernment Services

    Comprehensive supplier to Federal Government, DHS, and TSA customers with a wide range of product fulfillment services.

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