Industrial Cleaning Chemicals Louisville, KY


Landrum Chemical manufactures industrial cleaning chemicals and custom blended solutions to fit your Louisville, KY company’s unique needs. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and professional business, and we are committed to helping you and your facility look its best. From the latest cleaning solutions to industrial strength products, we offer the best specialty chemicals and custom solutions.

Using environmentally friendly water-based industrial cleaning chemicals, we provide everything you need to stay running clean. Our highly qualified team of chemical experts have the experience and knowledge to use existing chemical formulations as well as develop custom formulas and specialty products to meet your needs.

To create a custom blended cleaning chemical solution specifically designed for your needs, we can provide personalized scent, color, and private labeling services for many of our solutions. We provide the option to create custom labels for each of your products including your company logo, custom name, and packaging to create a personalized product that is both unique and effective.

We process bulk orders for large and small packaging of custom blended chemicals with quick turnaround times to Louisville, KY. Any of our custom chemical blends can be packaged in sizes from five to 275 gallons. Start with a small size to try out your custom product; we will keep your formula on file for when you’re ready to reorder a larger size.

A few of our cleaning chemical options include:

Floor Care (for Wood, Vinyl, Tile, and more):
Floor Finishes
Finish & Wax Strippers
Cleaners & Prep
Specialty Finishes & Restorers

Food Preparation:
Kitchen Equipment Cleaners & Degreasers
Oven and Stove Cleaner
Kitchen Degreaser

Grounds Care:
Weed Killers
Insecticides – Outdoor Use
Insecticides – Indoor Use

Drain Maintenance:
Drain Maintainers
Drain Openers

Hand Care:
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Soaps – liquid soaps, body wash, foam soaps

General Cleaners
Glass Cleaners
All-Purpose Cleaners
Specialty Cleaners
Stainless Steel Cleaners
Odor Control Systems
General Odor Control

Industrial Cleaners:
Multi-Purpose Degreasers
Aerosol Degreasers
Parts Washing Solvents

Industrial Lubricants:
Aerosol Lubricants
Penetrating Oils
Oils & Bulk GreaseLaundry:
Spotters & Pretreatments
Stain Removers
Laundry Detergent
Laundry Brightener – Color Safe Bleach

Restroom Care:
Restroom Cleaners
Toilet & Urinal Care
Air Care

Sewer Maintenance:
Lift Station Maintainers/Bio Blocks
Floating Maintainers/Lagoon Treatment

Truck & Car Maintenance:
Car & Truck Wash
Tire, Vinyl & Rubber Protectant
High Gloss Protectant
Battery Cleaner & Protector
Multifunctional Diesel Fuel Additive
Brake Parts Cleaner

Water Treatment:
High Performance Corrosion Inhibitor
Nitrite/Silicate Closed Loop Treatment
Nitrite/Borate Closed Loop Treatment
Boiler Water Treatment
Steam Treatment

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